Sweet Madie!

My beautiful neighbor is officially a high school junior & going to prom! AH! Only yesterday she was 13!!

She’s always been a wonderful girl — and she’s turning into a remarkable, intelligent & beautiful woman!

I ❤ her so much!

maddie_fb_01 maddie_fb_02 maddie_fb_03 maddie_fb_04  maddie_fb_06 maddie_fb_07


My favorite clan

A mini-session of my favorite family in Florida. 30 years of friendship gets you “favorite” status. 🙂

I love watching this family grow. mosher_fb_5mosher_fb_3mosher_fb_1 mosher_fb_2  mosher_fb_4mosher_fb_6

Happy birthday kid!

It’s crazy to think that you’re just about the same age now, as your mom & I were when we became best friends!

Finding balance, SUP yoga studio

This might be the hardest shoot I’ve ever undertaken! Taking pictures of a moving, floating yoga studio; from a moving, floating kayak … shockingly, is pretty freakin’ complicated! But, so much fun.

Felicia, from Supvasana Yoga, kindly held a private class for some of my friends (and some yoga ringers 😉 ) last week. She provides the boards & paddles, you bring the sunscreen & a sense of calm. I can’t wait until next time, when I get out of the kayak & onto my board.         Nevada County’s premier floating fitness & yoga studio.         530-575-0240

Sup Yoga class


When I lived at sea, my yoga practice was all about balance.

I was surprised to find that when I brought that practice back to shore, I was stronger & more centered.

SUP_yoga_fb_07 SUP_yoga_fb_08   SUP_yoga_fb_05 SUP_yoga_fb_04 SUP_yoga_fb_03 SUP_yoga_fb_02



Behind the lens again!

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know that this past year has been very productive, if not very visible, for me. I’ve been working behind the scenes as a digital retoucher … read: photoshop geek. It’s great fun. I work for a variety of clients doing so many different types of photoshop work that it would be impossible to get bored. But, I’ve been missing something …

This month, I was pleased to add a large construction firm to my client list.

The best part, I get to be BEHIND the camera!

kitchell_fb_4kitchell_fb_3kitchell_fb_1 kitchell_fb_2   kitchell_fb_5

Mama Emily

My radiant yoga teacher Emily is expecting!

I’ve been watching her guide class, for the past 7 months, with a fluidity & grace that defies earthly limitations. And gravity. Watching her, with impressive belly, show our class how to do a handstand was humbling. You can’t even be jealous of someone with skills like that … it’s just awesome. And it makes me happy.

We’ve been trying to get together for this photo shoot for months. I caught her just in time. Her sweet baby boy arrived a few weeks later.

** This photo shoot happened in January! Woah, am I behind on posting things. 🙂

Emily_fb_01 Emily_fb_02 Emily_fb_03 Emily_fb_04 Emily_fb_05 Emily_fb_06

The Martin Family

I’m so delighted that the Martin family is officially my family. Our parents were married last weekend.

They are about to expand their clan to five. How exciting! I really hoped we’d be able to carve out some time for a photo session during the chaotic wedding week. Alas, we were only able to sneak away during the reception for 15 minutes. But hey! 15 minutes is 15 minutes. And I think we got some good shots to show for it.

I’m super excited for baby #3. This time, let’s plan a full photo shoot shall we!?

martin_fb_01 martin_fb_02 martin_fb_03 martin_fb_04 martin_fb_05 martin_fb_07 martin_fb_08 martin_fb_09 martin_fb_10 martin_fb_11  martins_fb_06

Deena & Phil get married

It’s official. I have now photographed the most beautiful bride. Ever.

How can I be so sure? She’s my stepmom, but really she’s my second mom, and has been for almost 23 years. It was hard for all of us when my dad passed away. The thought of finding new love, when you had love is so hard. Lucky for my mom2, and lucky for the rest of our (now) larger family, she found it.

We are so happy that it’s official Phil. You’re now one of us!

I love you both. I’m so glad I could give you this gift.dp_wedding_fb_10dp_wedding_fb_08 dp_wedding_fb_09   dp_wedding_fb_01

dp_wedding_fb_03  dp_wedding_fb_20 dp_wedding_fb_26 dp_wedding_fb_02dp_wedding_fb_04

dp_wedding_fb_29 dp_wedding_fb_30

dp_wedding_fb_11dp_wedding_fb_05  dp_wedding_fb_07 dp_wedding_fb_12