If she can make me look that good then I’m SOLD! – Neil S.

like like like!!! – Kelsey S.

Your happiness is so natural in these pics! – Miranda P.

These pictures are AMAZING! – Krystal M.


Amazing pictures (: – Rosa R.

I love all of these. – Kyleigh K

The picture of you in the water is my FAVORITE! – Emily A.

Oooooooooo! – Ryan P.

Love the white hat pictures, but the ones with the dress in the water … to die for! – Gabrielle A. D.

Beautiful! You look Great!! – Karen G.

I love all the pictures, they turned out beautiful! 🙂 – Krystale P.

You look good girl! Hope mine come out that good. – Mary M.

Cute! You look like a magazine ad! very cute. – Cathy M.



LOVE! We are tremendously happy with our wedding photography experience with Heidi! She shot our engagement and wedding photos- she has an uncanny ability to capture the important details so that the moments are preserved for years to come. Her photos speak for themselves- stunning, tender, nuanced.  Her energy and spark made my husband and I feel completely at ease throughout the process. There was no sun out on our wedding evening, and she cleverly used a streetlamp behind us to create a mock-sunset photo- and these photos became some of our favorites from the day! We will look at these photos the rest of our lives and think of Heidi. I wouldn’t change a thing about our wedding photography experience!

hugs! bb


Doing the photo shoot with Heidi was so much fun! She makes you feel very comfortable and confident in yourself. You feel like a princess playing dress-up or a high fashion model with all her fun poses and adorable personality! You won’t be disappointed in her work. Heidi is very passionate and dedicated to get your perfect shot. I made great memories with amazing photos and an awesome new friend. I recommend her to anybody that is looking for a great and reasonably priced photographer. – Sarah


Wow, we can’t believe you got that done so quickly!  They all look great, thank you so much.  We loved all of the photos. Thank you for being so flexible during this process and providing us with amazing pictures.  We know it wasn’t the most conventional wedding with the location, chair lift, etc…so we definitely appreciate your professionalism and kindness. We wish nothing but the best for you!

Cory & Amy


So much appreciation is being received for the quality and artistry of your wedding photos! Just know you gave an amazing gift that is being gratefully received.

With Love, Ryan & Eden


We love our photos!

We had to print every. single. one. from our photo session. I really don’t know where we’ll hang them all, but we’ll find room. 🙂 We just wanted to thank you again. We had another photo shoot with another photographer when Poem was born, and they just don’t compare to your photographs. We can’t wait to book another photo shoot with you!

much love, The Bentley family



Thank you so much for your wonderful photos! You’ve caught Chel’s personality so completely. Thanks for capturing that!

Thank you! The Miller family


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