Finding balance, SUP yoga studio

This might be the hardest shoot I’ve ever undertaken! Taking pictures of a moving, floating yoga studio; from a moving, floating kayak … shockingly, is pretty freakin’ complicated! But, so much fun.

Felicia, from Supvasana Yoga, kindly held a private class for some of my friends (and some yoga ringers 😉 ) last week. She provides the boards & paddles, you bring the sunscreen & a sense of calm. I can’t wait until next time, when I get out of the kayak & onto my board.         Nevada County’s premier floating fitness & yoga studio.         530-575-0240

Sup Yoga class


When I lived at sea, my yoga practice was all about balance.

I was surprised to find that when I brought that practice back to shore, I was stronger & more centered.

SUP_yoga_fb_07 SUP_yoga_fb_08   SUP_yoga_fb_05 SUP_yoga_fb_04 SUP_yoga_fb_03 SUP_yoga_fb_02



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