Deena & Phil get married

It’s official. I have now photographed the most beautiful bride. Ever.

How can I be so sure? She’s my stepmom, but really she’s my second mom, and has been for almost 23 years. It was hard for all of us when my dad passed away. The thought of finding new love, when you had love is so hard. Lucky for my mom2, and lucky for the rest of our (now) larger family, she found it.

We are so happy that it’s official Phil. You’re now one of us!

I love you both. I’m so glad I could give you this gift.dp_wedding_fb_10dp_wedding_fb_08 dp_wedding_fb_09   dp_wedding_fb_01

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Becky & Ben tie the knot!

September 22nd 2012

From the moment that I walked into the Gates of Heaven synagogue; I knew this was the perfect place for Becky & Ben to share their vows. Intimate, classic and comfortable – qualities I see very much of in Ben & Becky together.

Sure, the acoustics were outstanding and the wood floor was solid. I had to tiptoe in my heels so I wouldn’t make any embarrassing sounds during their ceremony. I tend to run around a bit when photographing … 😉 But, other than my awkward ballet-style gait … it was lovely.

I’m a huge fan of small weddings. I had one myself. I think it’s fun to get lost in the glamour and minutiae of a lavish wedding. But, it can become too easy to get lost in the distractions and forget what the day essentially means. Becky & Ben are aware of that: Love & their commitment to their (now larger) Family, was the essence of their wedding. One that shone brighter than the sun peeking through the clouds that day.

Their ceremony was led by their close friend Garth; included readings from two family members; a lovely rendition of “Blackbird” by the Beatles sung by Becky’s brother-in-law and they shared personal, intentional vows.  (Not to brag here, but they totally used one of the vows from my wedding that I shared with them! Sure, I “borrowed” them from a wedding I photographed two years ago, but still … YAY! 🙂 )

It was perfect.

Once B&B got their hands on each other for our after ceremony photo shoot … it was hard to separate them. Every time I’d take a picture of Becky alone, Ben would have to swoop in, to be near her again. Pretty. Darn. Sweet.

It really wouldn’t be a B&B wedding without salsa. They made salsa, in personalized jars none-the-less, for everyone. AND did I mention they had a paired beer & cheese tasting for their cocktail hour. Beer. Check. Cheese. Check. This Wisconsin girl was in heaven. ❤

Congrats you two!

Becky come on! Look at those eyes. You are a stunner.

I have to brag a little here … it was a touch to cloudy to get a great sunset where we were. But, I saw this park light & voila! Sunset.

Charlotte & Jon get married in the Tetons

I can count on one hand (okay, maybe two hands) the number of friends I have, that I’d be willing to drive over 4,000 miles and take almost two weeks off of work, to see get married. Two weeks vacation, camping in Grand Tetons National Park none-the-less … oh how I suffer for my friends. 😉

When Jon & Charlotte announced they were getting married, I didn’t even give them a chance. I told them I wanted to be their wedding photographer … what better gift could I give? Plus, I really hate shopping, and this saved me a ton of time! Besides, they’re wonderful friends and it would take some gymnastic-thinking to find a present worthy of them. Luckily they were on-board. Who wants to struggle finding a local photographer from over 2500 miles away? No thanks.

Charlotte & Jon picked a vista along the Snake river for their ceremony … a perfectly intimate place for 40 people. There was only a little bit of drama before the wedding: a torrential rain, wind & hail (!!!!) storm. I arrived at the site 30 minutes before the guests to prep and I ended up sitting in the car for 25 of them. But, once the guest bus pulled up, the rain disappeared and the bright bright sun came out: just for Charlotte & Jon. They’re lucky like that.

I love you guys. Congratulations.

*bonus – see if you can spot my ever helpful husband Ezra assisting me in one of these photos!

*hint – here he is! I love that man.

It was too cloudy to take this picture on wedding day, but Charlotte & Jon are good sports.

We took this one a few nights later.

Becky & Ben; 2 lovebirds in a nest

Don’t you just love it when friends-of-friends prove to be as awesome as your friends? And then you have new friends!

Becky & Ben are the proof of that pudding … they are well awesome! Any couple that buys rice and beans in bulk; gardens;  cans their own pesto AND salsa, are instant friends of mine. It’s true: I’m a little bit jealous.

These two lovebirds are planning a wedding in under 4 months, and are doing a great job. They aren’t even superheroes! Just amazingly organized & efficient. {with excellent taste 😉 }

Shooting their engagement photos was a ton of fun; I’d never been to this location before so I had to wing it. Lucky for me, Becky had scouted the location early. She even called me to make sure she was setting up in a spot that worked well for lighting, THANK YOU!!!  The hammock was perfectly romantic. Trying to move two people around in one however {one in a skirt!!} … was a little bit of a challenge. But we kept it strictly PG.

Voila, what do we have? Two lovebirds in a perfect nest.

Seriously Becky, when am I getting some of that salsa … hint hint?

h&e got married …

Sometimes you need a little Photoshop.

I love this photo from our wedding day! However (as much as I love him) our friend Erick’s butt in the middle of our best photo, finally got to me. I didn’t have much to work from – but I think our new pic looks great! What do you think?

Amy & Cory get married!

Amy & Cory made it official this past weekend at Mt Ashland, in the fresh alpine air!

Guests were lifted to the top of the mountain on a ski lift – how much fun is that!

Even better, the ceremony was short & sweet – just like Amy & Cory. Of course, we spent tons more time on the after photos … you can’t beat the setting up there. Even so, we were dodging the bright bright sun at every turn. I can handle a little sun-ray challenge … as long as I wear sunscreen. 😉

An absolutely perfect small ceremony – in the perfect setting – for the perfect couple!

Congrats again Amy & Cory!

Eden & Ryan get married!

What a wonderful weekend!

I got to see Eden & Ryan get married in a truly glorious ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye in the tent, including mine – which is always fun when you need your eyes to photograph. 😉

They held a moving ceremony; with drums and singing & the best vows I’ve ever heard. (be forewarned – I’ll be cribbing those vows for my own wedding next month!) After the union, everyone followed the bride and groom to their picturesque pond to perform a circle dance. There were so many people, they had no difficulty holding hands around the pond. Very cool.

Now I have to find a new excuse to visit Eden & Ryan!

amy & cory

I met Cory & Amy this weekend at the King Estate Winery just south of Eugene. The lovely, quiet & scenic drive belies the fact that this winery is hugely popular & very very large. Fortunately for Amy, Cory & I, I had scouted out an idyllic location a mere footpath away from the hustle & bustle, of what I can only assume, is a very prosperous winery.

Of course, the only reason it was so quiet in our secluded spot, was that I had found … an old cemetery. Ah yes, ‘Love in a Cemetery’; sounds like an Aerosmith song. It was beautiful & absolutely calm. (If not a bit itchy. Both Amy & I had prepped for the day wearing skirts, by shaving … high grass & various scratchy flora, freakin’ hurts after a while. Sometimes beauty requires a bit of suffering.)

With just a bit of wine & many more laughs, we made friends … and captured some beautiful photos in the process. I can’t wait to see them on their wedding day!