You Can’t Take it With you!

Production photos from the latest Sierra Stages production!

Sierra Stages presents: You Can’t Take it With You!

Directed and set design by Scott Gilbert; lighting design by Erin Beatie; costume design by Paulette Sand-Gilbert; and made possible by the efforts of many, many dedicated theatre-loving individuals!

It’s madcap fun with our terrific ensemble cast of Nevada County actors: Trish Adair, Rebecca Allington, Louis Flint Ceci, Chase Coney, Audrey Delgado, Darrell Hovander, Tina Marie Kelley, Steve Lambert, Patrick Moore, Tony Muller, Tracie Nickle, Michele Fitzhugh Nesbit, Patrick Shannon, Melinda Thomas, John Watson, ​Eric Foote, ​Jilline Henderson, Brandon Weaver, ​and Diana and Gilbert


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Michaela – Mini session

I’m stuck behind my computer most of the time; retouching for corporate giants. No lie – it’s super fun. But, I’m always excited to get behind the camera. Even more so when I get to work with one of my friends. My friend needed a new professional headshot – I needed a superlative massage: pretty decent trade if you ask me!

This is a great example of what we can get done in a 20 minute mini-session!

Email me! 🙂 ❤

MKing_073018 - 20eMKing_073018 - 32e

MKing_073018 - 23eMKing_073018 - 15eMKing_073018 - 7e


Sweet Madie!

My beautiful neighbor is officially a high school junior & going to prom! AH! Only yesterday she was 13!!

She’s always been a wonderful girl — and she’s turning into a remarkable, intelligent & beautiful woman!

I ❤ her so much!

maddie_fb_01 maddie_fb_02 maddie_fb_03 maddie_fb_04  maddie_fb_06 maddie_fb_07