The new family

Hello Baby Ian. You are so loved!

Here are a few shots from our recent full-session:

Waiting for Ian

Alicia & Brian are waiting for someone … any day now.

Here are just a few shots from our full session this week. Love them!


Well, it sure is cold out here in Madison. I’ve been stuck inside all day – and I’ve taken to looking at some of my favorite portfolio images from the last few years.

These are a few of my favorites from a series called “Atlanta”. Atlanta, NY is a hamlet in upstate NY. I took over the church basement and photographed, what had to be, almost half the town. 🙂

The Miller Family

I had a great time with the Miller Family this weekend!

Mom & Dad + 5 kids +1 cat Kiki = a seriously fun photo shoot.We had such an easy time together. And hey, I even got all 7 of the Millers to look at my camera at the same time & SMILE! Not bad at all. We only broke 1 fence while we were at it. No one was injured. Success!

(I think these kids just might be professional models.)