Kate & Danny in love

My sweet friends Kate & Danny were married this weekend! They hijacked a free (secret) campground in Norcal & threw one hell of a party! I love you guys!

I obviously had to take their portraits. ❤

K&D_WD_06302018 - 3mK&D_WD_06302018 - 20mK&D_WD_06302018 - 27K&D_WD_06302018 - 37mK&D_WD_06302018 - 66K&D_WD_06302018 - 67_mK&D_WD_06302018 - 110mK&D_WD_06302018 - 122mK&D_WD_06302018 - 133mK&D_WD_06302018 - 148K&D_WD_06302018 - 154K&D_WD_06302018 - 157K&D_WD_06302018 - 158K&D_WD_06302018 - 161K&D_WD_06302018 - 165K&D_WD_06302018 - 168K&D_WD_06302018 - 173mK&D_WD_06302018 - 177mk&dpreview_1mk&dpreview_2m

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