RED … mmm sushi!

If you’re hungry tonight, or any night in the future, do yourself a favor and visit RED {Refine Elegant Delicious} Sushi.

Better yet, make a reservation {608-294-1234}!

Located at 106 King St in Madison is an intimate, boldly designed restaurant. With only 16 tables and 12 bar seats; plus outside seating during the warm months; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a night where every seat isn’t taken. And, for good reason. RED Sushi has repeatedly received stellar reviews in all the local {and not-so-local} press; featured in Madison Magazine only weeks ago.

Last night, I took my camera {and empty stomach} and left with seriously good photos – and a seriously happy belly.

Not only do they serve the best Sushi in town, they also have the best servers. I should know, I work there Friday & Saturday. And, yes, you guessed correctly. I work there for the sushi. 🙂

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