Ask a photog – blurry photos?

Because I’m a pro, I never forget to bring the proper equipment.

Okay, you got me … because I’m a pro, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve! 😉 I always get the shot, even if I leave the tripod behind. Here are a few tricks for stabilizing your camera when you don’t have a tripod.

Honey I left the tripod at home

{Don’t forget that if your shutter speed is lower than 1/60th (maybe 1/40th if you are steady) then you will have an unfocused photograph.}

Tip #1 – increase your ISO

The easiest is the best. Can you change your ISO? An increase in ISO will let you shoot at a higher shutter speed thus eliminating the need for a tripod all together.

Tip #2 – hold your breath

If your shutter speed is between 1/30th – 1/50th you may be able to steady yourself. Check your camera settings, step wide (about two feet – make yourself a tripod), press the camera to your face, take a deep breath and hold it, then take your picture.

Tip #3 – find a friend

Find a friend! Have your friend step wide and step wide yourself. Get nice and close until the two of you almost create a quad-pod. Use your friend’s shoulder or head and press down with your camera. (Avoid hurting your friend.) Both of you should take a deep breath and hold it – release the shutter.

Tip #4 – find a flat surface

Find a flat surface nearby. Tree stumps or tree “Y’s” are useful – as are barricades, fences and balconies. You can use these surfaces to steady yourself or your camera as you take your picture. If you can let go of your camera use your self-timer.

Tip #5 – use your flash

Use your flash. The use of a flash “stills” action. This will work if you are taking pictures of people or something within about 3-10 feet of your camera. If you are taking a wide shot, or a landscape photograph, this won’t work for you.

Tip #6 – use your self timer

Use your self-timer whenever possible. The act of pressing the shutter shakes the camera and as we all know, every bit helps.

Tip #7 – buy a faster lens

If you’re fancy-schmancy SLR shooter like me, get your self a great fast-lens. My 50mm 1.8 works great, and quickly, in all light sources.

Good luck!


{Nope – this image isn’t photoshopped. This photo was a team effort. How did we do this without a tripod? Easy, we followed some of the steps above. We each took turns holding the camera on a steady flat surface. Our camera was on “bulb” setting, which means the shutter stayed open until we manually closed it. Then, we each took turns “flashing” each other in front of the lens. Neat, right? Now, it’s your turn.}

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