Katy in the water

Well we did it!

Last week Katy & I swam through the creek in the attempt to shoot a “floating dress in the water”. Alas, the water was high & fast, and the dress sank. This week fortified with my Oma’s vintage orange chiffon dress & 30 feet of sparkly orange tule; we conquered the creek! (It really helped that the water was about 2 feet lower this time. 😉 )

Katy & I braved the cold water and slippery rocks. It was still dark as ever. The sun slipped away the instant we pulled into the parking lot. Cest La Vie. We made it happen 🙂 Katy looks positively fairy like. I, on-the-other-hand, looked like a complete idiot racing around the water, hopping from rock to rock, with two giant cameras … I can’t wait to see Katy’s mom’s pictures of our photo shoot. But, thankfully, it doesn’t matter how silly I look. Katy looks amazing.


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