Meet Katy! Yreka High’s 2012 Senior Rep.

Katy & I met last night at Lithia Park on a dark (yet thankfully not stormy) evening. We spent an amusing 2 hours searching for the light; getting thorns in our fingers, avoiding poison oak, and getting stung by a wasp … my elbow still hurts. And – we braved the ice cold creek for a photo attempt! Phew.

But, disaster it was not! Katy braved the elements, and was her own source of light. She looks positively radiant in, possibly, the cutest series of outfits I’ve seen. (I tried to steal the flowered hat, but my ethics kicked in … or Katy was on to me 😉 ) Katy is an aspiring singer … keep your eye out for her  … and wish her luck for a great senior year!

I look forward to seeing Katy next week, for round two of the “floating dress in the water shoot” … keep checking back here to see the latest!

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