amy & cory

I met Cory & Amy this weekend at the King Estate Winery just south of Eugene. The lovely, quiet & scenic drive belies the fact that this winery is hugely popular & very very large. Fortunately for Amy, Cory & I, I had scouted out an idyllic location a mere footpath away from the hustle & bustle, of what I can only assume, is a very prosperous winery.

Of course, the only reason it was so quiet in our secluded spot, was that I had found … an old cemetery. Ah yes, ‘Love in a Cemetery’; sounds like an Aerosmith song. It was beautiful & absolutely calm. (If not a bit itchy. Both Amy & I had prepped for the day wearing skirts, by shaving … high grass & various scratchy flora, freakin’ hurts after a while. Sometimes beauty requires a bit of suffering.)

With just a bit of wine & many more laughs, we made friends … and captured some beautiful photos in the process. I can’t wait to see them on their wedding day!

6 thoughts on “amy & cory

  1. the sunset kiss photos are great! you’ve really captured amy and cory’s personalities in these shots! nice job!

  2. We LOVE how the photos turned out, Heidi. It’s pretty amazing to see what you were able to capture with your camera. It will be hard for us to pick out our favorites but we’re working on it. Admittedly, before the session we were nervous about what to expect but you made the whole experience comfortable and best of all fun! We’ll be in touch soon to let you know which shots we love the most.

  3. I think my son and his lovely fiancee look absolutely beautiful!!! I particularly love the very first photo – it’s just Cory and Amy!!! The twelfth photo (where the vines are around them and they are at the bottom right, is also a favorite ).But how could you possibly go wrong with such a handsome man and gorgeous woman!!! (A little biased…)

    Great job!

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